april 01, 2014

Stammer EU's og WHO's sexprogram fra den bindegale psykiater Brock Chisholm?

En bekendt til mig, Eva Vosegaard, som har hørt om EU's og WHO's plan om demoraliserende tvungen skoleundervisning, fandt på sin boghylde en bog på engelsk, hun aldrig havde fået læst, men nu kastede sig over. Hvorpå hun skrev et resumè af indholdet. Det kommer her.

Resume af irsk bog om moderne skoleundervisning
The greatest changes in our own educational system are in the area of what is now known as "health
education" - a term we shall have cause to define more exactly, later. Health education, modern style, is intended to embrace every child, at every stage of development and to become a key factor in the teaching of every subject taught in every school in the country. It is therefore, destined to exercise a powerful influence over our children and young people, and over our whole culture and society, in the years immediately ahead...

The introduction to teachers of the Cork Social and Health Education Programme describes it's
methods as "The Experimental Learning Method". This means that the child is to learn by his own
experience, which is "self-discovered experience"...

The new method is said to be superior, because the traditional teaching methods used through the
centuries up until now, reason and understanding were to be developed, and were to be in control of
the pupils' feelings and emotions. But it is said to be "authoritarian", and is now supposed to be
done away with...

But should children never be taught to sing in tune, to use the voice properly - og to avoid stuffing
junk food in between meals, and to choose a healthy diet? Would this be "authoritarian", and restrict
their "whole person" development? ... Perhaps the health educators would like to use their
"democratic" principles to teach road safety? Would a close physical encounter with the underside
of a bus be a "valuable learning experience"? Are we, perhaps, stifling a child's creativity by
absolutely forbidding him to play in the roadway, until he is old enough to recognize and avoid its

Videre får vi at vide, hvem, der står bag "programmet", "Dr. Brock Chisholm, the first director of the World Health Organization, and also President of the World Federation for Mental Health." (Spydpigen: Ja tak, ham kender vi !)

Han siger:: ...The concept of right and wrong is a barrier to developing a civilized way of life. This
concept of right and wrong should be eradicated. Children have to be freed from... prejudices forced
upon them by religious authorities... Parents are dictators and suppressors of the child's better
nature... Sex education should be introduced eliminating "the ways of the elders", by force if

Systemet går ud på:

1. One World government. - A system of world law and order based on transnational federal government, - a Global One World Order...

2. A world-wide system of television and radio must govern information and education.

3. The central task for mankind is the quest for the good life.

4. Civil liberties must include the right to euthanasia, suicide, birth-control and abortion - with no age-limits given.

5. Moral education of children and adults is an important way of developing awareness and sexual
maturity, and the many varieties of sexual exploration should not in themselves be considered evil...

6. Conceptions of "Right" and "wrong" are to depend on the feelings of a person in any given situation, since ethics are autonomous and situational.

7. A democratic society - where any contrary forces can be eradicated! ... We are committed to an
open and democratic society...The Conditions of work, education. devotion and play should
be humanized... and alienating forces should be modified or eradicated...

Udgiverne af pjecen konkluderer derfor om systemet::

1. There is no higher authority than man himself - because there is said to be no God to whom we
must give account... man is a law to himself, both individually and collectively.

2. Every person is born good - so that any evil tendencies ... are blamed on the bad influence of
society, and especially of parents...

3. Human potential is unlimited...

Videre i pjecen:

The experimental learning method" aims at "stimulating the individual to clarify and define his own
attitudes, values, behaviour and needs, and then to plan the changes, if any, he wishes to make.

Lærerne undervises i grupper, hvor de opmuntres til at fortælle ALT om sig selv (som i Maos Kina!). Det kan så senere bruges imod dem! De må ikke fortælle børn, hvad der er rigtigt eller forkert. Børnene skal selv finde ud af - ved deres erfaringer - hvad der er rigtigt og forkert for deres vedkommende!

Udgiverne af pjecen konkluderer derfor videre:

Because most of our teachers have themselves had a relatively stable moral upbringing, the changes
in their outlook may not always lead to obvious moral failures in their own life-styles. This, in turn,
may blind them to the fact that if the children they teach are denied the sort of early training they
themselves have had, these may become a thorougly lawless, immoral, confused, or violent
generation. Parents and others may find it hard to believe that such "nice" and "sincere" teachers
could be using methods that could be so wrong...

They may not intend it, but once this humanistic, non-moral training gets moving (not least in the
field of sex-education) increasingly disastrous results will appear. The evidence is clear for all to see, if we take the trouble to look at other parts of the world where these same methods have been used for a number of years (for eks. USA. Eva) - Crime, violence, promiscuity, teen-age pregnancies, and sexually transmitted disease (including AIDS), have spiralled the longer these methods have beenused...

Og videre:

Group pressure: Very few (of the teachers, Eva), if any, will explore alternatives for themselves - and the result will be - as our humanistic "health educators" desire - a society of people who are
"conditioned," "cloned," or "brainwashed" into humanistic thinking...

And the children will be very much at the mercy of whatever mental and emotional pressure may
come from their group... They will just be quietly carried along with the tide, like a swimmer enjoying the sunshine, unaware that he is being silently carried out sea... What is considered "right" will no longer even be a matter of what "I" think is right - but of what "they" (the group) think. "Right" and "Wrong" will by now have become purely a matter of the majority's opinion - and will bear no relationship whatever to either Christian or other previously accepted standards.

Forfatterne siger videre:

The educational wisdom of civilized nations, accumulated through centuries of experience, is being
thrown away overnight in favour of ideas that are based on a cheap pop-psychology! ...

The man whose name is most prominently associated with these revolutionary ideas is psychologist
Carl Rogers. He was largely responsible for bringing these ideas into practice in America, following
the earlier lead of John Dewey (and others).

Carl Rogers, especially, introduced "encounter groups," "group dynamics" and "sensitivity training"
into education. (Other names for these techniques, originally used in psychotherapu, include "human relations training," "body awareness," and "human potential and development training").

However: In his revised edition of "Freedom to Learn" (published as early as in 1983), Carl Rogers
added a 25 page chapter detailing the results obtained in schools and colleges where his methods
had been introduced. This chapter is entitled "A pattern of Failure." A close colleague Abraham
Maslow was so devastated by the results of his own efforts, that he devoted the last years of his life
to desperately trying to turn the clock back, and reverse the trend he had helped to start...
Unfortunately, psychologists and health-educators have come no nearer the mark here, than in the
earlier stages of their experimentation. The search for "other powers" has led to "guided imagery",
which in turn leads on to mystical experiences, relaxation techiques that lead to trance-like states:
yoga, and meditation techniques, forms of self-hypnosis, and so on - all of which belong to the realm of the metaphysical and the occult, rather than to that of education...
Pjecen konkluderer:

When self's resources are found to be bankrupt, it seems that humanistic man will look for help in

any direction - except to God who made us, and Who alone knows how we were meant to work!