april 27, 2016

FRA LØNSOMT (og lønligt) EU-FUP til pensionist

Som pensioneret har UF` Østergaard sjovt nok en anden mening.
Siger det ikke noget om manden?

Professor in EU: EU must have “an iron curtain. With barbed wire and ‘many guards'”
(Photo above: Uffe Østergaard, Danish professor and expert in EU)
Professor Uffe Østergaard works at the Danish university of Aarhus’ department for EU studies and also holds the title as “Jean Monnet Professor”. Jean Monnet is the inventor of EU, and it is surprising that somebody holds such title speaks against EU. Even the most pro-EU academics are turning their back to the failed project.
Translated from Uriasposten:
“Uffe Østergård’s answer seems utterly surprising, when I ask him how Europe must defend its external borders. The answer is so far a logical consequence of his analysis and arguments throughout the entire interview, but you are still not used to hearing that kind of speech come out of the mouth of a Jean Monnet Professor.
‘With a curtain. With barbed wire in four lanes, search lights and guards. Many guards. And at sea armed Frontex vessels, which can pick up refugees and sail them back to the coast they came from.‘ …
Østergaard analyse the EU’s crisis with lack of support among the population: The Danish ‘no’ on December 3, the possible British exit, the referendum in the Netherlands last week, the impending election in Hungary on joint distribution of refugees. The EU is characterized in the way that if you ask people, they say no. …
Or take the internal market, which was about labor movement, after all, but had ‘all-pervading’ consequences.
‘No one told the voters what it was about. Let’s say it in plain language: It was stingy with the truth. … Monnet did not built EU’s thinking on cheating the voters. He did not care about them at all. He would cheat national politicians and officials who thought of national interests. He was concerned about his project. But the effect was that the voters got lied to. ‘- I’m sorry, but it is a Leninist thinking. Extremely anti-popular, at least.’
‘Monnet was a French man, he had tremendous distrust in the people – he saw people as rebels. But you’re absolutely right, Monnet’s thinking does not combine with popular elections and democracy. Monnet himself never candidated in any election.’ …
But the wall? The fort? The new European project? ‘Yes. The question is whether we will use necessary force. Frauke Petri from Alternative für Deutschland said it directly, but she was right. Borders are about power and force. … Fortress Europe is a necessity because of the way we have organized our welfare states. The welfare system is very attractive, and two billion in Africa can find out about it through your phone. ‘…
‘… You have to have hard external borders when the continent’s internal borders are open. Everyone knows it. Borders are deep down about force. Those who raises his voice against this fact has weak arguments.’