maj 21, 2013

Nedenstående horrible skandaløse misbrug af børn i England har været omtalt flere steder.

Those responsible: Oxford muslim child rape horror [torture sex]

Today, Mephisto, pens a letter from London explaining the lines of responsibility which lie behind the dreadful horror of the British islamorape phenomena, as highlighted this week by the most attention grabbing trial yet.



"Lessons will be learned"
a letter from London


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" Oh, very quiet. How has your day been? "

Let us face facts. The Koran teaches this stuff.[1] You know it. I know it. Nevertheless, there are undeniably Islamic countries in the world where the level of predation upon non-Muslim pubescent females, as revealed by the Oxford Muslim child-rape gang trial, is but a rarity; in comparison to what has been going on endemically in England for what is likely some twenty years now.[2]
The intermediating factor which explains this disparity country-to-country, is naturally the state, which in theory has the monopoly of enforcement, patrol and violence. And the press, of course, nominally acting as an alert watch-dog loyal only to the principle of scrutiny.

Had people actually done the jobs that they had been paid out of the public purse to perform, this Islamic value-statement on the ethical worth of non-Muslim females illustrated by the now revealed prosecution evidence in the Oxford "Bullfinch" case, would never have travelled outside the confines of Islam's primary theological texts into squalid scream-filled rooms in guest houses in Oxfordshire, and of course Shropshire, and Lancashire, and Berkshire, andSuffolk, and so on.[3][4][5][6][7]

Men who individually on chilly nights picked up 11 year old girls, outside care homes -- welfare state safety-net locations for the physically and sexually vulnerable -- would later be standing naked over them, as many as could be involved, with cigarettesand baseball bats, and rope.[8][9][10]

Jurors had to leave the court, weeping.[11]

And the men would pick the children up again the following week, when the girls' wounds had had time to heal. All under the un-watchful eye of social workers who knew exactly what was going on. One girl disappeared 126 times in 15 months, and staff did nothing.[12] Other victims spoke of their suffering, and had the frighteners put on them by those in authority who cared more for the social consequences of the revelation of their brutalizations, than the crimes themselves.[13] This is how these not even adolescent girls were treated by those paid to care for them, even as they had forced back room abortions, performed to ensure the profitability of the merchandise.[14]

The names of local council chief executive, Joanna Simons, and local police chief, Sara Thornton, are ones which glare defiantly out at us from this horrifying scandal, simply unable to understand the calls for their resignations.[15][16] They did, after all, perform their primary jobs: they did all they could to protect community cohesion.

Simmons and her 182,000 pound a year post, are emblematic of an entire strata of executive level public servants in Britain, recruited primarily for their ability to mouth and presumably believe in diversity-conscious platitudes, as they glide utterly immune from one job to another, never being held to account for their catastrophic and systematic duty-of-care failures.[17] Simmons is memorable for her starling professional resemblance to the chief executive of a previous council, who had similarly presided over one such child sex slavery victim being offered Urdu lessons to better integrate her with the community whose abuse she was enduring.[18]
One of the many noteworthy features to have emerged following the convictions in the trial of the Oxford network, is the extent of the commodification that took place. And the currency system was understood by everyone involved. The whiter the girl, the better. The younger, the more "baby soft" the skin, the higher the cost of admission.[19] In the most perverse twist of irony, the drugged pimped victim is told by her tormentors, that racism or Islamophobia is the source of their parent's animus when the "inappropriate relationship", is discovered.[20]

Imagine the tales told to one man, who scoured the streets of Oxford with a picture, a father looking for his daughter, by all those police and social workers desperate to make him go away, rather than the phenomenon of what used to be known as white slavery -- the capture andprofitable sexual enslavement of young European females for the amusement of Muslims -- that they had on their hands. Even as such public safety professionals knew exactly the kind of things that were being done to his daughter, a previously studious child who had turned into a "lost soul."[21][22] Other parents reported their children missing on hundreds of occasions.[23]
What no international or indeed domestic news report has mentioned, is the truly terrifying simplicity by which the middle class and respectable can now have their children taken into state sanctioned care, by local authorities who have virtually industrialised the process of removing children -- all facilitated by the compulsory secrecy restrictions in operation in Britain's family courts system.[24][25] Up until a few years ago it was almost uniquely the non-Muslim daughters of the white working classes that suffered these monstrous horrors. But of course, they never mattered.

Gangs of men at the same time. Eleven years of age. A ball gag to muffle her screams.[26]
He was told by the police force, headed by Chief Constable Thornton, to stop looking for his child as it was "detrimental to her well-being."[27]

His daughter was being picked up outside a care home in Henley-on-Thames, the home of the Royal rowing regatta. Middle England has reached its enrichment saturation point. The fact that the brutality of the sexual activity, called by one victim "torture sex", is a statement as to the contempt the men held the very society in which they lived, is now simply beyond question.[28]
The parents of one of the pair of brothers sentenced in London this week, genuinely hoped for academic advancement for their Oxford located sons.[29] Despite government assistance, subsidised housing, free education, free healthcare, a life unimaginable in their countries of origin: they despised the nation and people that had given them everything, and which had bent over backwards in order to make them feel included and equal. The Oxford gang's contempt for what surrounded them, breathes out of every pore of their body language in the prosecution's interview-tape videos.[30]
Fighting broke out in the dock of the Old Bailey, as the guilty verdicts were announced against men so unashamed by their actions, that they performed them with their own brothers.[31]

The British Prime Minister's tepid and ineffectual response to the phenomenon stalking the innocence of his country's children is even more baffling, given that David Cameron's own lofty and rural constituency in that academic shire of England, neighboured the physical locations of this abuse.[32] It is an indication of how much the perpetrators wanted to communicate, with visceral physicality, their contempt for the most precious and unsullied of the society upon which they parasitized.

Heroin.[33] To dull her reactions, and ensure her return.

This, from a community that we have been endlessly told, might righteously find themselves impelled to visit violence, on any society that dared visit... dare I say it? ...dishonour, upon them. A culture in which honour is prized, and in which respect is demanded, is one where dishonouring even accidentally performed is the worst imaginable insult. A cartoon, a bikini advert, a YouTube video: embassies will burn.[34] So highly valued is honour, so wedded to the essential value of a female, that a father may culturally feel himself, against himself,obliged to kill his own daughter.[35] Why? She held the wrong boy's hand. This meant her honour, her worth, was gone. This was the ethical value structure, that political leaders had told Britons for decades, that they must be both understanding and sensitive towards.
The Oxford case is so jarring because of the fluency with which it communicates that dishonouring, shaming, ruining, was the very objective, the source of the men's kick. Thevastly disproportionate frequency of this type of crime, in one section of society, points terrifyingly to its commission not being aberrant but normative.[36] Taj Hargey has pointed out, in an article towards which the UK press is hopelessly grasping, that many imams have encouraged "grooming rings" to view white girls as worthy of punishment.[37] It is tragic that even Dr Hargay, does not truly understand the Salafist grip that is engulfing his own faith.

The conduct of the companions of Muhammad, the Salaf, being both the morally, and strategically most admirable form of behaviour. In the Jewish town of Yathrib before they had power, the first Muslims led a duplicitous life, concealing their ultimately polygamous and predatory sexual desires from the populations they were plotting political dominance over. They lived smiling, among the Jewish children of what was to become Medina, gazing at those who in a few years they would be bidding for in the slave market.[38]
Present yourself in precisely the way your surrounding environment requires, for you to get away with, that which you need to get away with.

The Salafist Weltanschauung, which has had the Muslim world in its increasing grip for almost a century now, is that the theological explanation for the lack of Islamic dominance over human resources and territory, which according to the canonical faith is Allah's true reward for his just and righteous people, is the ability that the West and its temptations have of distracting believers from the true path of religious observance.[39]
The fact that Westerners conflate this "religious observance" with their own personal world views of what constitutes ethical moral conduct, is a glaring feature of England's wholesale inability to deal with its Islamic present, let alone its inevitable Islamic future. 
The neo-Salafi movement in contrast, is the way the Islamic world has evolved, by coming to terms with the West. The ethical make-up that the Oxford perpetrators have, namely, feeling utterly at odds with the environment which surrounded them, is how their religion explained to them the reasons why they were nothing more than delivery men for Domino's pizza; when their noble holy book told them that they should be the rightly-guided masters of all they surveyed. Enjoying the sensuous physical pleasures of paradise.[40]
This Salaf-conscious explanation for how political power is distributed in the non-Muslim world, is one of constant victimhood in the face of those who have power.[41] The Oxford white slavers' behaviour does not contradict their religion's understanding of the world, as the imam Hargay would have us believe. The men's desires, their temptations towards that innocent girl staring trustingly upwards and being drawn away into the darkness, instead confirm that worldview's veracity. Her ability to "tempt" them, is the proof of her innate sinfulness. Their ability to get away with it all, the confirmation of the validity of her fate.
What makes this Daily Mail cartoon so striking, is that it shows a European fourth estate actually, for once, behaving like it is supposed to.[42] Using the act of shock, and irreverence, and scrutiny, to bring in to stark focus a social evil perpetrated by the cowardice of public servants who are not being held to account.
It is fascinating to read English people remarking, in newspaper comments sections, that these perpetrators should be subject to Sharia's punishment for this crime. But Sharia does not consider these men's conduct to be criminal. Which is sort of the problem.
These men's brutality to their victims' bodies and souls, can only be understood in tandem with the indifference of British society to their fates. The rapists' behaviour is entirely consistent with being taught to believe that Sharia is superior, while knowing that nobody is going to interrupt you. That the English man in the other room will be too scared of the consequences to his own life, even as he calls the police because of the screams he has heard, to give his name to the police dispatcher as anything other than, "Mr Smith."[43]
The Oxford Police and Crime commissioner, a newly created quasi-political post, has decided on reflection not to call for the resignation of Chief Constable Thornton, because of the significant number of cases that are currently under investigation: so vast is the still remaining problem. A phenomenon present in every city in the country.[44][45]

The solution to this epidemic is remarkably simple. It is for people like Ms Simons and Ms Thornton, to fear dismissal more than they fear the consequences to their lives and careers of being called racist. And until that happens to them, what chance for Mr Smith?

17th May 2013 AD

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